Wish List

to go to clown school on a scholarship

Tradgedy is comdey. Some people KNOW they HAVE to be a doctor, I KNOW I have to be a clown, so I gotta go to school.

have a patron (or a manager)

There is nothing worse than pandering. My art is for me... and to entertain those around me. I do like food though and having a place to sleep, so I would very much like to have a patron who will pay for me to exist so I can make art. 

world domination, I mean world peace

This has always been a dream of mine. I hope to achieve it by becoming the first female with an entertainment empire (like Walt Disney, but less anti-Semitic). Art is the stairway to peace.

no more processed food {orchard}

food is so important; and I am so bad at it. Why can't all the people making unhealthy food stop? And all of the farmers and industries profiting from animal products find somthing a little less enviormentally detrmental? included in this wish is that I would like to have my own orchard 

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