The Max Fischer Players

MISSION: Theatrical Mahem.

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  • 2012 UBU at Space 4 Art in the East Village 

  • 2013 UBU staged in the Searsucker Resturant 

    won "Best of the Fringe."

  • 2014 Gruesome Playground Injuries

  • 2015 Doctor Shmoctor at the San Diego Fringe 


Many Thanks To

Michael Schwartz

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My best friend and mentor. Thank you will never be enough. I am so lucky to have you.

Nadja Lancelot

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Thank you for you and your family's overwhelming generosity and willingness to dive in.

My fearless

friends/ collaborators

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Thank goodness other people love theatre. You know who you are, thank you. &to Lynne Jennings and the san San Diego Guild of Puppetry