Wrote a poem for day3. Not super proud of it, also didn't finish it because I left to go cut someones hair which turned into a whole other story (banagrams and all). Anyways, the not to snazy poem summary is below.


Katie left

I was cold

Wore a turtleneck and vest which is odd in San Diego I've been told.

Apparently I had work at 11, 11:30-5

Thank goodness she reminded me

Babysitting was the furthest thing from my mind.

Quickly sorted socks, finally, hopped in the car and arrived.

Jack was a cutie, we hugged and played chess.

The twins wrecked some havoc "playing" "clean up the mess."

Made Henry and Joshua a ton of mac n' cheese.

We all walked to the park, kinda lost the key, it feel out of my pocket as we cloud gazed, amazed

Met a dad, a small pug, and his two girls and their bikes

walked home, 'cus they were grumpy, played games mellow games and goodnight...

well for me. Just nap time, a second to unwide before hair cutting time...


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