Testing Un, Duex, Trois

First Sunset of 2016

This is my first blog post. I am not a huge fan of blogs, but here I am making one to start off 2016.

My New Years resolution is to do something consistantly and because I am pretty terrible at consitancy I picked something I already almost do everyday, art.

The goal is to post something realted to something artistic endevor every day of 2016. Pretty sure it won't end up anything like I've planned. There are an insane amount of cliche quotes and examples of practice making perfect so I thought I'd challenge myself to make something artistic like a song, poem, lyrics, painting, each day.

Something I suck at are spelling and is brevity. A secondarly goal is to keep things short, sweet and potentially (un-dysilexia) readable. It porbably won't work, but still a goal. I plan to set the bar very, very low, 'cus expectations suck. All I expect of myself

is to post something everyday big or small just to acheive the consistancy goal.

SO, we shall see, I have trouble bruhing my teeth every day (which is kinda ridiculious) so this'll will be a challenge. If all else fails I'll try to write something I am grateful for, that's always a good practice.

Wish me luck (I say knowing no one wil prpbably ever see this),


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