Pipe Dreams

Design the perfect bathtub, go to clown school, be a wedding singer in a band with my sister, help write/edit/be in children's stories/movies, make a Storytelling Major, be the first lady, nanny for a royal family, graduate from UCSD, be a Disney princess OR the voice of a Disney princess, be professional hula hooper, publish a book under a pseudonym, teach yoga to kiddos, get exceptionally good at piano, work with Regina Spector, host a retro candy land themed costume party, have an HGTC show about reorganizing people's crap to make it look more impressive in a space with hidden cameras, write the screenplay for a modern Midsummernights' dream (like She's the Man and 10 Things I Hate About You), write an epic poem, run a children's' entertainment empire, write a series of poems in the form of an infomercal to criticize the current helth care system and it numerous flaws, live in New York with Jennifer Graessel and attend Juliard potentially, develop superpowers that allow me to turn anything into organic matter (spefifically to turn stripmalls into estruaries), make insane amounts of money that I can use to help pay public defendants and sponsor students who want to take a gap year beofre college, fingerpaint a large mural at the San Diego International Airport, get paid to travel/take pictures/ghost write peoples stories from all over the world, somehow help solve the overpopulation and birth control access issues, Pull a Banksy, get super good at surfing, design the art for magazine covers like The Economist and the NewYorker. Retire as mayor of Del Mar.