Tracy McDowell is an actor, artist, and singer/songwriter with a specialized degree from UCSD in Storytelling. Her focus over the past five years has been mostly on crafting her storytelling major at the University of California San Diego but was also filled with adventures teaching yoga, running her theatre company the Max Fischer Players with co-artist director Michael Schwartz, and stage managing and PA-ing for variety of clown and burlesque related shows.


After graduating from UCSD in the Winter of 2016, Tracy pursued Feng Shui Training though the International Feng Shui School where her teacher said, "I can only imagine how delighted Tracy's clients must be...she has a natural gift for spreading light." During her Nested FengShui consultations, Tracy is able to enhance her client’s personal spaces to support, nurture, and invigorate their goals. 


Tracy's focus is on artistic endeavors which allow her to enhance and bring light, levity, and balance to as many people as possible. Her goal is to be the first female equivalent to Walt Disney but for live entertainment. She sees herself establishing a successful acting career that will allow her to finance her large scale "live children's entertainment empire" and establish a non-profit focused on homelessness-specifically rehabilitation and societal integration though theatre therapy.

Tracy's lofty goals and ambitions are rooted in her undergraduate storytelling research at UCSD, her four years of producing Andy-Kaufman absurdist theatre with Michael Schwartz and their Theatre Company the Max Fischer Players, as well as performing at countless open mic venues and farmers markets  playing piano, conducting singing alongs, and experimenting with performance art and stand up.​

She is currently working part time as an "Integrative Art Teacher" at an elementary school creating storytelling-centric curriculum and as a Feng Shui Consultant with her company nested Feng Shui (www.nestedfengshui.ccm). Her elementary school offerings are movement and music motivated and incorporate traditional visual art standards. They  aim to ignite early interest a variety of artistic modalities to encourage honest individual expression.

Most of Tracy's time is spent with her friends, family, students and Feng Shui clients or singing at the top of her lungs driving to and from San Diego to Los Angeles.