~ balance to transform ~

B.A. Storytelling from UCSD,

Certifed: Yoga Teacher and Feng Shui and Digital Wellness Consultant & Speaker

Tracy is an artist, educator, and feng shui master certified in digital wellness.


The themes present throughout Tracy's work are balance and safety. The throughlines within their studies are storytelling, healing arts, and play.

Tracy teaches clients' and continues studying:

1) tech-life balance

2) work-life balance


3) environmental, energetic, emotional balance

4) balancing the body-mind-spirit

5) balancing time and space

All of Tracy's work alludes to a holistic approach to healing that invites individuals to embody empowerment for themselves, their communities, and the world. 

Tracy joined the human technology and digital wellness space in 2017 wanting to ground the technology discussion in the physical realm through feng shui.

Tracy studied feng shui under Alana Cruz and the International Feng Shui School, completing the Master's Program in 2017 and began an advanced study with Karta Dimon and Amanda Collins in 2020.


 Tracy is an early member of the Digital Wellness Collective, a curated network of digital wellness experts and organizations sharing ideas to enhance human relationships through the intentional use and development of technology.


Tracy's writings combine ways to find balance through the optimization of both digital and physical spaces. Articles like Feng Shui for the Mind, Rest, Romance, and Recalibrating Rituals, and more are published on the DWC Medium Publication and are used as teaching materials for the Digital Wellness Institute.


When not with one-on-one clients Tracy teaches workshops and classes on "Environment, Design, and Digital Wellness" for the Digital Wellness Institute and work-shops like Digital Laundry held through Nested Feng Shui

Nested Feng Shui was founded in 2017 by Tracy with the intention of helping clients "settle into their hearts by setting into their homes" by exploring balancing the physical environment with feng shui and virtual spaces with digital wellness. 

To learn more about feng shui + digital wellness and schedule a session you can email Tracy directly at tracy@nestedfengshui.com.


Feng Shui translates directly to wind water and focuses on finding balance, flow, and optimization for humanity through the observation of nature. 


Tracy's interest in holistic and natural approaches began with yoga in 2012. In 2016 Tracy completed a 200+ hour yoga teacher training under Stacy McCarthy and has taught children yoga at elementary schools and online.  


Tracy graduated from the University of California San Diego in 2017 with a specialized BA in Storytelling.  Recently, Tracy wrote Storytelling is 2020 for Art and Tech for a Better World. Tracy's Storytelling Thesis explores how everything is a story. Tracy studied storytelling in the hopes of a better understanding of how to dismantle systems of oppression.


Tracy’s storytelling thesis' lead to the Big Hands Little Arms Podcast as well as being asked to build a "storytelling-centric" art curriculum encouraging a polymathic approach to learning for public elementary schoolers.


Called, the Integrative Art Program, Tracy wove art, holistic healing, and "empowerment through embodiment" to craft fun, storytelling-centric integrative art curriculum. Each project wove together the pros and cons of technology and alluded to the new frontier of paving a way to balance the digital and physical world. Tracy presented students with a new narrative unfolding around art, technology, and the need for human-centric tech development. 

Tracy's unique expertise in this cross-section of storytelling, healing arts, and play provides a unique and valuable perspective. 

And believes “play” is a pivotal part of learning, vulnerability, and healing.


In 2012 Tracy co-founded a multi-generational absurdist theatre company called the Max Fischer Players, which produced five plays over four years, one of them winning Best of the Fringe. 

Tracy's newest project is The Dragon, a mystical immersive experience exploring human connection, digital wellness, and how to tame the unknown through play and adventure.